MBB: Lone Star Conference teams create a stir

It is not unusual for me to hear complaints when the Lone Star Conference releases its All-Conference teams before the LSC tournament.

Every year, someone feels they were left off and each year I scour the All-LSC team looking for who that player might be. Why? Because it creates a good story line at the tournament.

However, this year my phone blew up as soon as the men’s teams were announced this year.

People wanted to know how a sophomore is on the LSC All-Freshman team.

I wish I could give you a firm answer, but I am only left to speculate after a request for a comment and/or an explanation from the Lone Star Conference was not returned.

This is not meant as a shot to the young man who is listed as a sophomore on the All-Freshman team. This is a shot on the conference’s process for choosing the All-Freshman team.

Granted, Rowan Mackenzie from Lubbock Christian, did not receive any playing time his freshman season. He was, however, able to practice with the team to my knowledge.

I am not saying Mackenzie is not worthy of receiving recognition for an outstanding season that saw him average 24.8 minutes, 10.8 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game for a team that finished the treacherous LSC season with only one loss.

If the LSC’s criteria is such that allows a sophomore who did not receive playing time in his freshman season, and did not redshirt, to be eligible for the All-Freshman team, maybe a change to the name of the team is in order.

I propose the All-First Year Player team.

Eligibility for this team could be limited to players who are in their first year of college competition. This would keep junior college and other transfers from being eligible for this team.

It would also allow me to not question my own sanity when I see a sophomore on the All-Freshman team.

I should let you know it is the coaches who select the players on the All-LSC teams, but it is the responsibility of the conference to make sure the team makes sense.

If the Lone Star Conference office ever supplies an explanation and/or a comment on this situation, I will be glad to update this post.

In the mean time, we are only left to speculate.